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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What products can Watermax be compared to, or serve as an alternative to?
    Watermax falls under the supplemental category, with its primary functions being competitive with those of H2O2, Drip Clean, FloraKleen, hygrozyme, UC Roots, and Clear Rez. Watermax is generally considered more cost-effective than all of these products however.
  • How is Watermax used in aeroponics/ cloning?
    Adding 1-2 ml of Watermax every few days to your aeroponic cloning machines will greatly reduce buildup in the inner-workings of your equipment. It is typically not needed to add more Watermax until you top off your reservoir or replace reservoir water completely. Watermax will also encourage healthy root development from the start in seedlings and clones.
  • What is the shelf-life of Watermax?
    It varies. When sealed tightly and stored in a dark, protected environment, watermax may stay fresh for several years. Direct sunlight, improper storage, and extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on its potency.
  • What does it mean that Watermax is a “proactive product?”
    We describe watermax to be proactive as it has had proven results in the enhancement of the rootzone of plants. When a side-by-side experiment of Basil plants was conducted at UC Davis, the plants undergoing Watermax treatment yielded a root mass of almost double. In addition, these roots appeared bright-white and thick compared to the roots of Basil plants left untreated.
  • What is Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and what role does it play in the health of plants?
    ORP is a complex scientific process that is often overlooked in hydroponics. Simply put, it refers to the overall health of your water. Watermax mildly and safely oxidizes your water, and as a result, increases the ORP of the water it’s added to.
  • Why is root health so important that there is a product specifically geared to promote root health?
    Every plant is connected with its environment through the roots. Watermax increases the surface area of the rootzone to increase the uptake of nutrients and water to ultimately lead to superior overall plant health. You will notice the roots appear brighter and whiter while using Watermax, which is a good indication that the remainder of the plant is also healthy.
  • Is there any stage of the plant life cycle that the use of Watermax is prohibited?
    No. Watermax is both safe and recommended to use from seedling through harvest and even as a final flush to help reduce residual mineral buildup.
  • How does Watermax aid in flushing/ the final flush of a growth cycle?
    As harvest approaches, it is generally recommended to flush out your entire system to remove the residual mineral buildup from the nutrients you’ve been running for the past 3 months. It has been observed that the flowers and fruit produced from a system that is properly flushed taste and smell better, with the absence of any bitter after-taste or smell. Use at a higher rate, between 5-10 ml/ gallon during a flush.
  • Will Watermax harm my plants when used at higher dosages?
    No. Watermax is OMRI approved and will not harm your plants when used at higher dosages, whether it be due to hard water, flushing, or helping to prevent the development of scale.
  • Is Watermax incompatible with any fertilizer and/ or pesticide products?
    Nope! Watermax is safe to use with any fertilizer or pesticide products from seedling to harvest. It is not recommended to be used with beneficial bacterias however.
  • Can Watermax be used as a foliar spray?
    Yes. When mixed with water at a 1:10 ratio, Watermax will promote overall plant health.
  • How long will it take to start seeing the benefits of watermax after I start using it?
    About 2 weeks.

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  • Why is Fertmax better than other 2-part formulas?
    The nutrient market has become oversaturated and overpriced. Many of the popular nutrient products out there are not even manufactured by the guarantor listed on the label. This tends to lead to customer support issues, inconsistent products, and of course, inflated prices. CleanGrow manufactures all of their nutrient products in-house by a team of experts that have been doing this very process for many years. We know everything about blending nutrients, from preventing bad batches, how to increase shelf-life, maximize concentration, source only the highest quality/ most effective materials, and best of all, deliver it to growers at a price that can’t be beat. When you call CleanGrow, you know you are talking to the guys that made your product, and they will be there to help you through all of the best (and the worst) aspects of growing plants.
  • Why is Fertmax better than every 1-part nutrient out there?
    One-part nutrients excel in one area and one area only: ease of use. That being said, a lot is compromised in a one-part blend including solubility, effectiveness, and well-balanced nutrition. The whole reason multi-part nutrient formulas exist in the first place is because the incompatibility of some nutrients with others. When incompatible nutrients are combined in a single formula, one of two things happens: 1) critical nutrients are left out completely 2) critical nutrients will be locked out due to incompatibility, likely inducing deficiencies, toxicities, and nutrient lockout in plants.
  • Why is Fertmax better than 3-part nutrient formulas?
    The beauty of a 2-part nutrient is its ease of use. Whether you are in the vegetative or regenerative stage of the plant life cycle, Fertmax has a 2-part for you. Unless your application requires unique adjustments, it is recommended to use A and B products in equal doses, which makes subsequent calculations and measuring a lot easier. Growers who use dosing machines are most likely to choose a 2-part nutrient because of this. The ratios found in our 2-part formulas were pre-formulated to provide your plants with well-balanced nutrition from seedlings to harvest.
  • Why does Fertmax cost so much less than most of its competitors?
    As the official manufacturer of Fertmax, CleanGrow has a lot more flexibility with pricing. We are able to source the highest-quality ingredients and still charge growers less than non-manufacturer nutrient brands. We eliminate unnecessary inflation by taking out the middle-men who have little to no involvement in the actual manufacturing of the products themselves. Rest assured, our production processes never sacrifice quality for price. With CleanGrow, you get it all.
  • Which nutrient lines can Fertmax be compared to?
    The results produced through the proper application of Fertmax may be as good as or better than that of Cultured Solutions, Cyco Platinum Series, and several other 2-part grow and bloom series.
  • Which applications does Fertmax work best with?
    Fertmax excels in (deep) water culture, ebb-and-flood, soil, soilless, coco coir and various other less common systems and media.
  • I’ve heard that CleanGrow makes some of the purest nutrient products on the market. What makes Fertmax so superior?
    Fertmax starts with a bunch of raw materials that are sourced from trusted vendors that supply some of the biggest agricultural farmers in the world. We then combine these materials through an extensive proprietary blending process that ensures these products are mixed to maximum concentration without sacrificing their 100% solubility rating. These products then undergo a treatment phase to ensure a consistent product is produced every time. Bottled in California by the experts themselves, CleanGrow only lets the best products through our comprehensive quality control measures before hitting the shelf.
  • Does the entire Fertmax line need to be used, or can a grower pick and choose which products to use from the complete line?
    The Fertmax line does not have to be used in its entirety, however, growers will likely have the best success while doing so. There are a few options for growers who are considering this. Regardless of which brand you are using, it is important to use a base nutrient product. It is not recommended to use a booster product alone. Some growers choose to use only Fertmax Grow A and B, along with Fertmax Booster for the duration of a grow cycle to reduce the number of products used. This application process should only be administered by advanced growers, as it will take some experience and knowledge to tailor it specifically to your plants’ needs.
  • Can I use CleanGrow’s booster products with a different base nutrient brand?
    Sure. The booster products were developed to enhance flower production in plants with high demands for phosphorus and potassium. As long as your plants maintain a well-balanced nutrition program, our boosters will serve as an excellent additive to any flowering formula.
  • Do I have to use a booster product along with the Fertmax Bloom duo?
    No. Fertmax Bloom contains higher rates of phosphorous and potassium to help support plants through the entire flowering phase of growth. When compared to other brands, you may notice that Fertmax Bloom has a higher percent composition of phosphorous and potassium along with all of the critical micronutrients so that growers aren’t forced into buying yet another product such as boosters or enzymes. Under some circumstances however, it may be necessary to use boosters in conjunction with the Bloom duo, or for professional/ commercial growers engaged in administering high-yield fertilizer programs.
  • Is Fertmax organic?
    No. Fertmax is a fully synthetic complete nutrient line made with only the cleanest ingredients from vendors we trust.
  • Fertmax advertises that there are no added dyes. Why are the B products blue, and the A products amber-colored?
    The colors you see when you open a bottle of Fertmax are produced through the micronutrients added to these formulas for enhanced plant processes. The blue-colored tint in the B products is due to the chelated copper, and the amber-colored tint in the A products comes mostly from the chelated iron.
  • If I grow with Fertmax, what areas will I see the most improvement?
  • Cost-effectiveness, cost-savings, easier maintenance, easier application process, reduced mineral buildup, fewer fluctuations in pH, product consistency, and customer support.