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CleanGrow & Current Culture H2O: A New Chapter

At CleanGrow we believe in doing things differently. We are a team of researchers, technologists and growers that want to help people grow superior crops. We do this by making leading edge technology that is easy to use, of the highest quality and affordable. We have developed and manufacture our own line of plant nutrients and chemical sensors specifically for the discerning growers. While we focused on our groundbreaking and award-winning sensor technology, Current Culture H2O approached CleanGrow with a request to license our deep water culture nutrient & supplement product line. As the formulation and manufacturing techniques are the intellectual property and trade secrets of CleanGrow, we agreed to private-label and manufacture the Cultured Solutions product line for Current Culture H20. In December 2015, our relationship with Current Culture ended. We wish them well as they work to bring a new formula of Cultured Solutions to market. With this change, CleanGrow will no longer make available the product labeled “UC Roots” to Current Culture H2O. CleanGrow will permanently shift this product to be exclusively available under CleanGrow’s Watermax label. We will continue to invest in the highest quality raw materials and best in class manufacturing processes to make available our renowned nutrient products to you under CleanGrow’s Fertmax label. Over the last three years, we have been excited by all of the positive feedback from the growers that have used the products we licensed and manufactured for Current Culture. We’ve particularly enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you at the trade shows we’ve attended in support of Current Culture. We’re looking forward to having an even closer relationship with all of you in the near future. For those of you that want to maintain the quality and consistency you’ve experienced from the Cultured Solutions line over the last few years, you can depend on CleanGrow’s Fertmax & Watermax product lines to provide that for you as well as save some money in the process. At CleanGrow, we believe in making products you can depend on. You can count on us to source the highest quality materials out there and deliver the end product to you at an affordable price. You can also rely on us to provide a more expanded and high level of technical and customer support from the expert innovators themselves. For additional information or inquiries, please contact,, or